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Monthly Archives: May 2011

xform template done

Basic skeleton for the new xform plugin is now ready:

Daniel has spotted some minor issues with indentation which can checked with:

and be fixed by using the proper emacs script and has pointed me to the way Changelogs should be named for XMMS2:

Also set up emacs to format sources correctly from:

I had never added an elisp file manually before, so I followed the instructions here:

Which say you can create a directory to place your elisp files:

(add-to-list 'load-path "~/elisp")

and then you can load the elisp file in the .emacs file. It seems to work…

Getting things ready for GSoC

I’ve set up a repository where I’ll be doing my work at:

And I’ve now finished setting up emacs for my first real-world usage of it after several months with QtCreator. Finally got CEDET and ECB installed and now emacs starts making sense as an IDE.

Had a quick look at how waf is set up and I think I get as much as I need for now… Also, reviewing XMMS2_Coding_Style.

Might be nice to figure out how to integrate waf into a CEDET project… but I’ll probably end up just having a separate terminal for building.

The first thing I’ll get into is writing a proof of concept LADSPA plugin loaderĀ  to get acquainted with writing xform plugins. This is where I’ll get started: