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Instantiation modes for LADSPA host

Frequently, the number of channels of the xform chain will not match the number of channels of a LADSPA plugin, e.g. the chain is stereo and the plugin is mono. Additionally, many LADSPA plugins have different number of inputs and outputs, e.g. a reverb which has mono input but stereo output. So I’ve started coding to allow automatic routing and instantiation, according to the following modes:

  • DIRECT: The xform chain and the LADSPA plugin have the same number of channels, and the number of inputs and outputs on the LADSPA plugin is the same, so there is no need to do any special routing as all channels are matched.
  • MONO: The LADSPA plugin has only one input and only one output, but the xform chain has more than 1 channel. In this case, the plugin is instantiated multiple times to match the number of channels of the chain, and each instance will independently handle a single channel from the chain. All instances of the LADSPA plugin will share the same control parameters.
  • BALANCE: For the common case where the LADSPA plugin is mono to stereo and the xform chain is stereo, a balance mode is proposed, where the plugin is instantiated twice, and each instance takes the input from the left and right channels respectively. The two stereo outputs are then added but according to the value of a balance parameter, to allow a range from complete separation of the outputs (downmixing to mono for each side) to complete mix where the left outputs are added into the left channel, and the right outputs go to the right.
  • OTHER: For any other cases, a simple circular mapping is applied to the channels, e.g. for a mono xform chain and a stereo plugin, the input will go to both plugin inputs and both plugin outputs will go to the xform output. and for a six channel chain and a stereo plugin, three instances will be created, which will take input from 1-2, 3-4 and 5-6 respectively and output in the same way.

I think this should cover the relevant cases for xmms2 (which certainly differ to the usage in a multitrack DAW). Additionally this enables the eventual addition of a plugin into the LADSPA host (in series), without having to change the current structure of inputs and outputs.

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